Who Am I?

I will dance a million dances on my last step of, walking on my bare worn feet, and knowing that I gave it all.

I will sing a million verses, until my last breathe out, my life flashing before my eyes

An expiration to my human ways, to my human world

What do you sing about now? Why don't you rock it out? Let the whole world sing it’s song. Why are you thinking? Get out the way and let it sing for you. Let it tell you things you never knew. Let it do the work. Just be there available, for it to pass, through you and out it really doesn’t matter. We have no control sometimes. Just gotta let it go sometimes. I now quit trying. What am I here for and why have I come to earth? And what is my time here? What is my time here? What is my time here for? What is my time here for? What is my time here for? What is, oh, I wonder I think. Do I stop do I just sing, oh. Am I meant for anything? Was it an accident, why am I here? Oh my planet’s far away, and I’ll go back there someday, but for now I’m here singing a song, with a steel string guitar. And a bottle of dark rum.

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Alexia Chellun

All that Remains

Dancing on the moonlight of my life

Teary eyes I'm smiling as I stare over the crowd

Surfing the shadows of my mind

I thought I'd been everywhere and still there's more to find


All that I'm left with here is love

All that remains with me is love

Coz, love will guide my way, will ease the day, will keep me safe


I may fall once I may fall twice

But I'll get up again on that I bet my life

You take my hand and lead me to

A place where you let go until I walk right back to you

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Together We Roam

I Do

Without thinking too much

And without expecting anything

I would like to hold your hand

I would like to lay with you in the soft sand

Without expecting much

And in living loving lifetime trust

I would like to stand by you

As the moon it rises here we say


I do.....oh I do oo oo oo love you

I know it's been said a hundred million times before

This simple love has struck me once again here by the shore



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I am Grateful

As I Wake in the Morning

As I wake in the morning

I count my blessings now

I say thank you, oh thank you dear one

This love it shows me how

As I open my eyes to the day

I am so gifted in so many ways

So grateful just to be

This miracle of life it sets me free

I am blessed, I am grateful and I Iive in abundance

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Ella Es Amor

What Sort of Truth?

What sorta truth are you talking about when you look into my eyes?

Is it the kind that's fearless where there's nothing left to hide?

And you tell me your deepest secret

And I tell you of my weakness

What sorta truth am I talking about I find courage to reveal

I surrender my soul, it's naked and it's real

As I stand here, you see right through me

And I hear your voice saying "babe the truth will set you free"

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This Heart

This Heart

Pours open with pure pure love

Like the warm sun from above

Always growing and flowing yeh


We're floating in the sweet sweet thing

We're floating in the sweet sweet thing

We're floating in the sweet yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh


This Heart

Bathes in warm warm bliss

Like a soft and tender loving kiss

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