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Oeaho is sung in Quechua and is inspired by the Q'ero Shamans of Peru.

This song is in Quechua (the people’s language spoken mainly in the Andes region of South America). I first heard the language when learning about Shamanism from the Q’eros of Peru in 2012. This song uses words that the Shamans use when calling upon energies to open sacred spaces. They use animals to symbolise directions and chakras and call upon the snake (south), the jaguar (west), the hummingbird (north), the eagle (east), mother earth and father sky (masculine and feminine polarities). I wrote the melody staring at a fire one late night and then added the words later, inspired greatly by the wisdom of the ancient Inca knowledge. This song is tuned in 432Hz which therefore means that it is mathematically consistent with the universe. The ancient bells from Peru used in this track were already tuned to this frequency and so we therefore tuned all the other instruments to match the 432Hz tuning. Music that is tuned in 432Hz transmits healing energy because it is in exact mathematical frequency and vibration to the universe, as opposed to the 440Hz frequency tuning that is most commonly used today. Music therefore tuned in 432Hz frequency is known to be more relaxing, healing and softer for the human being.

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    Alexia Chellun