Together We Roam

I Do

Without thinking too much

And without expecting anything

I would like to hold your hand

I would like to lay with you in the soft sand

Without expecting much

And in living loving lifetime trust

I would like to stand by you

As the moon it rises here we say


I do.....oh I do oo oo oo love you

I know it's been said a hundred million times before

This simple love has struck me once again here by the shore


Without thinking too much

Oh without expecting anything

I would like to run with you

To a crazy land where dreams come true

Yeh without expecting much

And so oh, slow there is no rush

I would like to dance with you

And as the moon it rises here we say


Within and without

I see the ocean

Oh it’s dark dark blue

I see the night sky

Upon it rests the moon

It’s light reminds me that the sun will be up soon

As I sit and play this tune


I sit within and without everything

Universal consciousness it call me with a ring

Wake up and wake up the world with you

Carry peace through and through


I walk by the shoreline in the day

I see smooth rocks that the water carves away

Constant reminder that nothing stays the same

Oh that’s life’s sweet game

So we sit, yeh we sit

We close our eyes we breathe and we sit

And peace become this body

Let’s sit in peace everybody

Peace become this body

Let’s sit in peace everybody



Reveal something of you to me

In the dark, In the light

I am drawn to you

Reveal something of you to me

What you chose, How you dare

Walk the path you do

Reveal something of you to me

Feel the might, Hear the rain

As it washes away your name

Reveal everything that tears open your heart

Grace us all, With a word

As you beam your love our way and say

Reveal something that makes me believe in you

Whisper loud, Stir a crowd

Till' it's time to walk away

Reveal everything and then let it fall away

I am you, you are me

And there's nothing left to say


Fallen Star

Over the mountains tall and blue

I saw you standing who

Would've thought unwrapping a gift from your 8th generation ancestors

Over the ocean calm at night

I saw you stand in light

Hovering, honouring word by a nameless sage in time


You're a fallen star bound to your flesh

Bound to your bones

You're a fallen star

Is all that you have left

To keep from flying home


Over the valleys deep and red

I dreamed that you were dead

Floating round choosing time, which, where, how, when to incarnate

Over the town I once called home

I saw your spirit roam

Where you had a chance to fly, release from this denser form

Is where the moonlight stirs your soul

Is where the dance is all you know

Is where a look can shake your world

Is where true love's a living pearl Over is my hold onto you

I saw your smile and knew

That the time was now and that we had to move

She Said

She said in a voice that will stay with me forever, that I have the choice to be that what I will

She said in a voice that sounds like dancing over meadows blue and green

She said that I am free of things that do not serve me

She said so many things in a voice and then just held me

As the moon wrapped itself around the earth and came back looking like the sun


Take me to your realm

Take me to that place where we dance and sing together

Take me to your realm where I see you've been before

In your mind of misty weather

Take me


She said in a voice that smiled as she was frowning and trying not to laugh

She said in a voice of lifetimes she remembered and being with just that

She said that we are here doing our best as a human

She said that everyone is an angel in a new form

And all we have to do is breathe deep and understand the best way that we can


The key

Love - Lights - You

So you shine,

Oh my love you shine,

In changing times,

Oh my love you shine.


As the mountain humbles your self to the ground

Be still now close your eyes and go inside

Reconnect you to you

and re-member yourself into your crew

Where you know that time’s not real

As you do what you love and you live how you feel

Be in tune with the 13 Mayan moons

And break free from the mold of the lies you were told

As the false it falls

"What the bleep do we know?"

Now science meets love to reveal the great show

of atoms, vibration, cell re-generation

We can be brand new

We can be brand new

Oh the heart is key

Yeh the heart is key

Oh the heart is key

Yeh the heart is key




Is the day that we can change


Is the day we can be new


We have everything we need

Let us share it equally

We are human we’re the same

Playing out our human game

Information’s on a plate

Let us rid ourselves of hate

Be and breathe and meditate


It is up to you and me

To walk up to a tall tree

It breathe out and we breathe in

That is why we’re living

Raising consciousness of how

To be here and to be now

Be and breathe and meditate



Tam Tam

Zordi mon al zoin avec ban Brezilien

Lor la plaz dan soleil

Zot pé danse zot pé kas les rein


Zot pé tam tam zisca soleil kousé

Zot pé tam tam zisca soleil levé


Zordi mon al zoin avec ban Mexikain

Lor la plaz dan soleil

Zot pé santé zot pé boir di vin

Kan mo ferme li zié mo trouv en ti la limière

Pé brill dan to les ker

Kan mo ferme li zié trouv to sourirer illuminé

Pli puisan ki di fé

Lor la terre

Nou pé amizé, tam tam amizé

Nou pé amizé, tam tam amizé

Zordi mon al zoin avec ban Mauricien

Lor la plaz dan soleil

Pé manz gateaux piment ek di pain


By the ocean

Misty morning here by the ocean, so peaceful to be

Misty clouds and misty motion, all the way out to sea

I spent the day walking around this seaside town

And at the end of the day I find myself sitting on the sand


Come on down to the ocean my friends we’ll sit in harmony

See you there by the ocean my friends, oh that’s how it will be


I think of all the people I met on the road today

Silent angels roaming the city, living in play

We meet and greet each in a smiley style

And all the things we say to each other, linger for a while

As the red sun lowers itself into the melting sky

All the Starlings they are dancing in union so high

They swirl in circles, oh around their home

And they all get together to join, one who’s flying alone


Together We Roam

I am here now to see the bigger picture of my life

As I roam though the rain, I cut illusions with a knife

And so, as we move into a dimension of prosperity

And oh, as we move into a love vibration energy


I think back to the moment when I realized I’m not alone

We’re all part of a great web a spinning gigantic cosmic dome

An invisible connection

Intangible perception

Things that words can barely touch upon


As I close my eyes, I see myself from a great and distant height

I laugh lightly, as I see me conjuring up human might

It’s 4 in the morning subtle realms rock me awake

I sit besides wizards, angels and elves as we mold and as we make

Together we roam, together we plant trees so that they grow

Together we sing, together we hold, together we flow

Together we work on the things that we know

Together we go

On va rejoindre ensemble pour danser

On va rejoindre pour embrasser

Amor Amor Amor Amor

Ala nou la Ala nou la Nou pé zoin en paix

Ala nou la Ala nou la Nou pé tap la main

Sagabo sagabo


Zoin en Paix

Here my words now of peace and joy

Universal love for the girls and the boys

Soon I will sing in a foreign tongue

Simply singing of how all is one

Alor la mo pé sant creole

Nou tou famille nou tou ena en role

Ala nou zoin la ensam dan la paix

Anou amizé dansé anou riyé

Different ways that we speak in the name of this game

Our love and our spirit in a box cannot be tamed

En l’amour infini

Zwen en paix, zordi