This Heart



This Heart

This Heart

Pours open with pure pure love

Like the warm sun from above

Always growing and flowing yeh


We're floating in the sweet sweet thing

We're floating in the sweet sweet thing

We're floating in the sweet yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh


This Heart

Bathes in warm warm bliss

Like a soft and tender loving kiss

Full in all so as not to miss

Everything everything and all of this

This Heart

Dances in gentle ecstasy

Fully feeling and being free

May we always always feel this warm wave of energy

Floating and travelling around our body


Creole One


En pie li pous pous dan lair, li assiz dans plac kot li été

Li res la même en zourné, get dimoun pass passé

En zwazo lin fek arrivé, li pren repo lor sa pied

Li aussi li assizé, get dimoun rie rié


weh weh weh weh weh …….

yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh …….


Partout dan le mond nou tou famil nou camwad

Nou zoin ensam la zourné asizé koz kozé

En ladan li coumans santé li lev dimoun lor lipied

Zot coumans sot sot soté, en nuit zot kontin dansé


Gramatin levé nou tou al zoin bor la mer

Nou zoué en pé dans soleil aprés nou tou al nazé

Sorti dan la mer, nou pé gain fain pour manzé

Nou assizé partazé, en plat saken preparé


Over You


Here I sit all alone and I wonder where you roam

Do you sit all alone or are you talking on the phone

How about we sit alone, together one more time?


And I know I should be over you by now

And oh, if I could

I'd hold you and show you how much

I love you babe


I've been doing many things like meditating

On the now and the breathe, on life and on death

And still I see your sweet face in my mind


Here we go here we go

We're rolling through the snow

Dancing through the night and

Like a river we flow

Here we are here we are

We're sitting in a bar

Drinking through the night and

We're sleeping in the car


If I could sing you one line, of this dimension of time

Of the love in my heart, oh I don't know where to start

We are spinning around together and miles apart

Oh I just love you my dear and I wanna see you here

See your face and your smile for an endless while

Hold your hand, touch your hair

Look at you and stare

Till the earth meets the stars and Jupiter finds Mars

Sing a song all night long and then wonder where it's gone

Be so wild like a child, like there nothing ever wrong

Kiss all day in the street, dance all night on our feet

And spin around till we fall

And that is not all


Garden of Eden


The incense burns on the grass, I slept through my class

Where my friends are meditating, they are truly connecting

The frogs are singing over there, the birds are flying high up in the air

The trees hold a fresh florescent green, so lovely to be seen


I see you in the garden of eden

This truly is the garden of eden


A million thoughts are running through my mind, a million thought of every kind

I let them come I let them go, coz that's not the real me you know

Free like that bird that's high up in the sky, free to do what I like

And I like to make you smile for a long long long while


The clouds roll by, the sun rays paint the sky

The clouds roll by, the sun rays paint the sky

The multi-colours of the earth they catch my eye

I breathe deep and happily sigh


Mountain Folk


I road for 8 hours up through the mountain curves

To find a small town as, and through it ran a river

The bells were singing all day long

People blessing to their song

In this land of pure delight

All is loud and bright


I met a family so sweet

They were so kind to me

You know they offered me some tea

At night a place to sleep

We didn't really talk

We just smiled a lot, we walked

In the high pine forest trees

And the strawberries


Mountain folk

Up the hills you go

Mountain folk

With you my heart does flow


Three pretty girls and me

And all of your babies

We walked a long time to the trees

Then you climbed like crazy

Climbing higher up you go

Singing sweet songs like you know

And the strength in you I see

I hope to have in me


Mountain girls

Up there in the trees

Mountain girl

You climb with such ease


And when you come down

You pack the branches on your back

Carry them for miles and miles

With a small kid sat on top

She's a girl of 17

And she had a sweet baby

Always smiled and laugh with me

Like a wise old lady


I am amazed by your actions

Your mind is in the now

Girls and boys are working hard

And our senses open wide

I can see it in your eyes

True wisdom no disguise

And forever you will be

So sweet to me


The Wedding Song


And night and day and always together

I'll be with you now and forever

Into a new chapter they stay where I will

Marry your heart and your smile and your soul and your eyes


I see you there and I walk down to you

Take your hand and say that

I Will Marry You

That I know


And there's a time when love becomes a mountain

And all are here to see it happen

When agabi finds his bride and together they say that I will

Marry your heart and your smile and your soul and your eyes


And like a river they will grow

I believe it's true

I believe I believe I believe I believe it's true


Heavens whirl and angels fly

Dressed twirl, cupids been by


Time To Go


Isn't the moon stunning

I am longing to find a way to your heart

A tree silhouette against the dark sky

As the radio plays through the night


Oh, one look from you and my heart skips a beat

And that is true

With a deep deep breathe it is

Time to go


Isn't it funny

How we all feel the same in such different ways on different days

The pavement is set

But I am walking with the grass beneath my naked feet


Isn't it lovely

How I feel about you

Only words a little

Can say how I feel when I see you