Ella Es Amor


What Sort of Truth?

What sorta truth are you talking about when you look into my eyes?

Is it the kind that's fearless where there's nothing left to hide?

And you tell me your deepest secret

And I tell you of my weakness

What sorta truth am I talking about I find courage to reveal

I surrender my soul, it's naked and it's real

As I stand here, you see right through me

And I hear your voice saying "babe the truth will set you free"


Devoted with pure faith

Such honourable grace

Times I was scared to say

Now I will say it anyway


What sorta truth are we talking about now that we have said it all?

Is it the kind that will hold us as we rise and as we fall?

And now we're free nothing left to lose

Now we can love, anyway we choose

What sorta truth are you talking about?


The Space that is You

A man stands tall amongst the trouble in the world

And a woman stands tall her eyes sparkle to us all

They carry a space of serenity like angels in the dust

They say open your eyes and heart sweet girl, and start to trust


It's in the space and the world around you

Oh that's what they say

It's in the space and the world that is you



They showed me, that the tools are in my hands

And they showed me, I can be as peaceful as they can

If I just focus on what I do

Whether it's washing my shoes

Or cutting up the food, that day I was walking to school


And I loved standing next to them that day

And I loved the way they looked at met that way

And I love, how they help me see what's true

That what's in me, is in you


What's in me, is in you

They slowly walked away

For a moment I felt lonely

Then I remembered what they said and I did feel holy

I feel like an angel


Ella Es Amor


She walks the land in such courage

She walks the land with such grace


Ella es Valiente

Ella es Amor

Ella le entrega su corazón

Ella baila en trance, en estado puro

Ella baila con su cuerpo desnudo


She's been here times before

And now she's back for some more

To be light to be love

To wake up the angel inside


She walk the land in such beauty

She walks the land with such love


Dance With Me


You call me up one day and ask if I'd meet you

And that's when I thought someday, I'd love to be with a girl like you and Oh

So we sat, in a coffee shop watching people go by

Sharing time and stories 'bout our lives and why


So dance with me baby through the night

Under the soft moonlight

There we stay for a while


We're drinking tea and talking, our cups the size of bowls

Wishing that bowl was never ending coz I could see into your soul

As you smile, my heart beats like I'd run a million miles

Had to play it cool so you'd not see that I'm a love fool


Your eyes I can stare into all my life

And as you go about your ways, I just wanna say to you on this day

Girl you're amazing

Oh, and if you come to me, you know that I'll be

Oh I'll be waiting


I Will Help You Stand


Who are you?

And who am I?

Do we really know ourselves and do we know why?

That is a question I've been asking myself

Since the morning I was born onto this earth

I wonder when I'm gonna know where abouts where I go

I get glimpses and glimpses

Well they become real and I know how I feel

As life takes me round on this great spinning wheel.


I will stand next to you when you're feeling low

And I will stand next to you when you wonder what way you will go

We've all been in this place where we fall from our grace

And we wonder what way we will turn


And all I can say is

I will help you stand

I will help you stand


Walking around on this cold misty day

You look into the distance, you're thinking away

Your body is tired there are tears in your eyes

You let down all your fences

You've let go of disguise

And now we are here we are raw as we lay on the floor

Looking up to the heavens

Please have no fear I am next to you dear

And together we'll through this until it all clears, and


I'll be there by your side

When your mind it collides

When you're drifting around with no place to reside

When your soul is alone

When you're naked and bare to the bone

I will hold you in my arms

Just relax now and be calm