All that Remains

Dancing on the moonlight of my life

Teary eyes I'm smiling as I stare over the crowd

Surfing the shadows of my mind

I thought I'd been everywhere and still there's more to find


All that I'm left with here is love

All that remains with me is love

Coz, love will guide my way, will ease the day, will keep me safe


I may fall once I may fall twice

But I'll get up again on that I bet my life

You take my hand and lead me to

A place where you let go until I walk right back to you

So take one look and then walk away

Oh, take one chance and live the words you say

Des Milliers D’anges

Je me baladais partout, le jour ou je t'ai vue

Tu étais remplie d'amour, un sourire qui rendait fou


Des milliers d’anges nous entoure

Des milliers d’anges en ce jou


On rié on parlait de tout, en marchant dans la rue 

Puis en silence je t’ai crue, tes yeux disaient tout 

Quand je rêve tu es là, tranquille dans mes bras 

Ce miracle c’est toi, l’amour ne prévient pas 



Open as the night sky, of a million plus stars, a billion plus stars

 Open is my heart, to the wisdom of their light

We lay there in the freezing below cold staring

Into the sky where the white dots amazing my mind

I learn to let you go, holding your hand 

Our bodies fixed to the ground 


My eyes cannot turn away

My should is home


Open are your eyes tonight, staring into the infinite, everything’s infinite 

Open is the portal between yours and my heart

The fire lights it on

We lay there until the last piece of log is gone

We kiss so softly now, only the stars are watching how

We blaze into the night



Hoje vai ser um lindo dia meu amor 

Hoje vamos dançar me ensina por favor 

Hoje vou amanhecer contigo meu amor 

Já caiu a noite me abraça com calor 



Tua pele teu cabelo. 



Slow Life

Slow life here in the country yeh


Where the bamboo flirts with me, swaying in the breeze 

Where the outdoor shower meets, open skies tranquility 

Where my lover in silence speaks, I can hear it in her eyes 

Where the cameras are so weak, better caption in my mind 


Slow life here in the country yeh

Slow life here in the country yeh


Where there’s no electricity, the candle light lights up your shape 

Where the crickets sing to sleep, nature’s soundtrack is awake

 Picking almonds from a tree, love, I love the way you laugh

 Where the forest fires burn, a play of death and then reborn


Tony Bennett

Walking in the midnight city streets, where the traffic talks to me, here in the centre of Barcelona. 

Watching people hurry to their houses, signs and spaces in the world-whizz and your footsteps 

Paint platform time


Graced with the music of Tony Bennett and friends. 

That cool breeze that blows, on the metro platform as the train,

 approaches cooling down, the heat of the summer underground


The train rolls in. With its bright lights revealing a sea of strangers and possibilities. 

Who will I meet on this journey? What story will she tell me of her autobiography? 


Take Your Destiny

In the beginning there were flowers 

At the end of time

It all comes back around

It is born and then it dies


So take your destiny and write it as you like

Take your dreams and paint them the colours of your heart, of your heart


It starts with a thought

To create it all

Choose well and wisely therefore

Babe, it's your call


Love what you do 

Love who you are 

Dance like a child 

Sing like a star 

Magic is real 

If that’s how you feel 

Surrender in love 

Below as above 

Love what you do 

Love who you are 


Everything Changes

Everything changes, oh the red ember says

It's voice so quiet, but I can hear it whisper things

Everything changes, oh at a given time

Sooner or later it changes form, it changes rhyme

Follow your heart they say and nothing else 

Follow your heart they say and let it rain


Baby, Baby, Baby


I choose to now be my angel, I watch out for her

Flames they catch me, play before me, meditate my mind

So I learn to be together with my only self

With this union I am ready to be with someone else 

Fire burn me up, burn me up into flames

Fire burn me up into wild ways


Until 6am

I was awake until 6am, wondering when the sleep would take me

Now it’s afternoon and I’m singing away, about the night, when the sleep would take me

I learnt that matter is so empty

I learnt we create things with our thoughts

I learnt to breathe deeply

I learnt the art of letting go


So take me down to sleep at night and watch it go away until that day

Darkness lights this soul to write about the simple things I live and say


I learnt how to follow the messages of my heart

How to listen, how to be, where to start

I learnt the strength and power of being in the now

It’s practice, each time, that is how

LyricsAlexia ChellunLyrics, Open