I am Grateful

As I Wake in the Morning

As I wake in the morning

I count my blessings now

I say thank you, oh thank you dear one

This love it shows me how

As I open my eyes to the day

I am so gifted in so many ways

So grateful just to be

This miracle of life it sets me free

I am blessed, I am grateful and I Iive in abundance


Thank You for my Healing

My body, mind and spirit are healthy

I give thanks for the health of my being

I see my cells and atoms healed

Everyday I bless the health I have and I say

Thank you for my healing


I Am Grateful

I am grateful I am free

I am grateful for the love that surrounds me

I am grateful for health

I am grateful for wealth

Thank you


Love is Here

I’m surrounded by love.

I am filled with love...such love

Oh, the love of my life is here

Love is...here


Money With Love

I’m at peace with money

It’s simply a form of exchange and it’s fair

I let it flow easily

Abundance for us all to share

I give money with love

I receive money with love

Love love love love