Simply Stunning

Alexia’s music has been described as a cross between Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman and Dar Williams. Sharing a variety of styles and languages, the main attribute to her music is her voice with it’s soothing and healing qualities. 

In a nutshell she has recorded and performed a wide range of music from mantras to shamanic chants, affirmations to her own songs, and collaborations on hip hop and dance tracks.

All of which make up the 7 albums and 3 EP’s that she has released.

Alexia has for years shared her interpretation of many mantras from the buddhism, shamanic, hindu and sikh tradition, whilst putting her spin on it.

The unique element to her songs is that they are often encryted with nuggets of wisdoms that she learns on her journey of self discovery. Wisdoms from inspirational people such as the Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coelho, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks and many more.

Her continuous fascination with human consciousness and ways to create and sustain a happy and peaceful life inspires much of her music.

This is a compelling time in the evolution of Alexia’s music. 

With such a mix of cultures and languages, Alexia shares many different styles and forms of music. Her uplifting voice, melodies and leading edge lyrics will leave you feeling relaxed, joyful and inspired. Her songs range from deep and meaningful topics to those that are the light and humorous.

Consistent to them all is her pure-hearted attitude.