Alexia’s music has been described as a cross between Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman and Snatam Kaur. Sharing a variety of styles and languages, the main attribute to her voice is it’s soothing and healing qualities. A Singer, Songwriter, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Shaman, Alexia uses her voice to spread her songs which mostly sing of new-age information, affirmations and mantras. She travels the world sharing her voice through concerts, healing gatherings and offers workshops in finding well being and balance through music. Her voice is as soulful and rich recorded, as it is live.

Her most recent album ” Open “ – 2016, sees Alexia experiment in the world of jazz. A “feel-good” thought inspiring album that fuses pop, jazz and world music. She wanted to record mostly live so as to keep the songs as authentic as possible. With the grand piano and double bass as her main allies, also with drums and electric guitar, this album, recorded over 2 days, takes you on a mellifluous and heartfelt journey.

“ It took us half a day to set and mic up these 5 instruments” she remembers “then it was ‘press record’ and let the music happen. “

With a Portugese bossa nova, a French ballad and a haunting cover version of ‘Nature Boy’, this album enjoys an eclectic fusion of rhythm and styles.


Driven by her inspiring outlook on life, Alexia’s energy and enthusiasm keeps her music career alive and vibrant. She feels at home expressing herself in a wide variety of styles. She revels in the joy of writing songs, inspired by her own personal journey and more often than not…by the simplest of things. A conversation with Alexia flows from the deep and meaningful to the light and humorous. From the subject of spiritual truth to a local football game which is about to kick-off. Either way, Alexia keeps it real, uplifting and infinite.

Born in England on 6th June 1979, to a Greek-Cypriot mother and Mauritian father, Alexia started singing from as young as 2. Whilst standing at the window she would sing to passers-by as though she had something very important to tell them. Soon she was making up nonsensically beautiful songs with her own sweet melodies. Hence the beginning of her songwriting career!

In 1988, Alexia moved to Mauritius with her family, where she lived for 8 years. There she learnt French at school and Creole at home. Alexia’s Great Grandparents from her fathers side originate from South India, hence her family surrounding in Mauritius was influenced by Indian culture. She was introduced to chanting whilst attending various Hindu and Tamil festivals as a child. Her Greek-Cypriot Grandfather is a well known traditional dancer, musician and singer, so music is very much in her blood.

First picking up a guitar at the age of 21, whilst at Sussex University, she realised she wanted to be one of the people playing guitar and singing around the campfires with friends! “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley was the first song she learnt and was soon enough composing her own songs. Alexia started performing at open mics and a few years later at Brighton Live Music Festival, Big Sessions Festival and worked on music projects with BBC Southern Counties Radio. An accomplished self-taught guitarist and singer, Alexia sings in a cocktail of styles and languages and each song is a surprise – A French ballad, a Spanish lullaby, a Creole Calypso or an English love song.

2005 altered the course of Alexia’s musical career when she started her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Here she started to compose music to ancient Indian Mantras that are used for meditation and relaxation. Her Indian background and curiosity into the science and healing properties of sound therapy allowed for a very clear and easy transition into the world of Mantras.

She recorded her debut album with Maya Records ” Jap Hari “ in 2006 – acoustic mantra lullabies with an alternative-folk influence. It wasn’t long before she was traveling around Europe singing at various festivals, teacher trainings, yoga retreats and concerts including the European Yoga Festival. Her songwriting continued alongside her yoga work and in 2010 Alexia completed a Level 5 BTEC Professional Diploma in Songwriting with a Distinction at the British Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). Alongside producer Ken Rose a year later, she recorded her EP ” Ella Es Amor “ and second yoga album ” Mirándote “ .

In 2012 Alexia started the recording and self releasing of her next 2 mantra albums ” Har “ and ” The Joy of Sadhana “ She also re-released ‘This Heart’ a collection of songs that she had written between 2003-2008. In 2013 she released ” I am Grateful “, an EP of affirmations songs intended as a specific tool for healing various aspects of life. These compositions are inspired by her personal growth over the years, understanding quantum physics, the simple laws of the universe and the work of Louise Hay. Within the same year, she also released ” Together we Roam “ – an uplifting and varied album of her original written and produced songs.

An interest in Peru and Shamanism inspired the song ” Oeaho “. This song is in Quechua, the people’s language spoken mainly in the Andes region of South America.
Over a period of 3 years, Alexia learnt the ancient ways of the Shamans – the Q’eros from Peru. She discovered gems of simple ways of connecting with all energies so as to lead a peaceful, centred and joyful life. Furthermore, she was encourages but the Shamans to share their techniques, tools and understandings, wherever she could. Alexia therefore, offers Shamanic healing sessions.


Oeaho is tuned in 432Hz which therefore means that it is mathematically consistent with the universe. The ancient bells from Peru used in this track were already tuned to this frequency and so we therefore tuned all the other instruments to match the 432Hz tuning. Music that is tuned in 432Hz transmits healing energy because it is in exact mathematical frequency and vibration to the universe, as opposed to the 440Hz frequency tuning that is most commonly used today. Music therefore tuned in 432Hz frequency is known to be more relaxing, healing and softer for the human being.

In 2015, Alexia collaborated with DJ Mind Sylenth on the single “ Astronaut ”. The mix of Dubstep and EDM along with visionary lyrics inspires the Ibiza beach music scene.


Later the same year, another collaboration, this time with Spanish Hip Hop artist Corona, Sikoterapia ad Adri MProd, production on the single ” Sin Limites “. This track offers depth in the Spanish poetry sung by these writers and lightness as Alexia serenades us with French melodies, making for a contrasting and enjoyable listen.

Alexia’s music career is lively and expanding as she is constantly working on, and releasing new material. With such a mix of culture and languages Alexia shares many different styles and forms of music. Consistent to them all is her pure-hearted attitude. Her uplifting voice and melodies will leave you feeling relaxed, joyful and inspired.